Newgy Robo-Pong is best for the writer who is always at home

If you are a writer and you work from home, the furthest you probably go is the nearby coffee shop. Writers are busy people. They are easily carried away by work and easily forget that the rest of the world exists. However, most writers that work from home have flexible schedules. They might be free in the morning or midday and very busy at night. Therefore, scheduling for ping pong practice with a friend or a friendly game might be difficult. You start working when other people are clocking out of their 8 to 5 jobs. Nonetheless, you do not have to worry about your ping pong playing skills[].

It is very easy to keep your skills sharp with the Newgy Robo-Pong. The Newgy Robo-pong is a ping pong robot used by enthusiasts and professional ping pong players to practice. The robot automatically throws balls at the player with varying and adjustable spin, frequency and speed.

The robot is not only appropriate for writers who enjoy ping pong, but also, for writers that want to work out because they hardly have time to visit the gym. The Newgy Robo-Pong costs around 700- 800 US dollars. While it is one of the most affordable ping pong robots, it is appropriate for beginning, as well as, advanced players.

The following are advantages of purchasing the Newgy Robo-Pong:

Ease of Setup:

while writers have flexible schedules, they are also very busy. Consequently, a Newgy Robo-Pong is an amazing workout equipment because it takes up to twenty or thirty minutes to set up. It comes with a setup DVD with clear and precise instructions on setting it up, therefore, you can set it up without professional help.


as mentioned, writers are busy. Therefore, they have little patience with irrelevant issues that take up their time. The Newgy Robo- Pong is can play for hours before it gets stuck or faulty. Hence, it is a reliable partner for the writer who works from home. The machine also comes with a warranty for one year.


The features found in the Newgy Robo –Pong are above average. The robot is appropriate for both professional player and enthusiasts. Features such as the ball catching net, adjustable spin, programmability, and power make you get your money’s worth. For instance, the ball catching net is able to catch tennis balls of varying sizes. Therefore, you do not have to be tied down to playing with a single type or size of tennis ball. The adjustable spin and throw rate also ensure that you feel like you are playing with a real life partner. The Newgy Robo-Pong can be programmed to spit up to 90 balls in a minute. This ensures that the writer keeps his energy up and his skills sharp. Additionally, the writer can adjust the spin to back spin, right side spin, top spin or others. The robot ensures that the writer has a good ping pong game even without a partner.