"The wide range of writers, forms and themes represented here make it a great jumping-off point for readers who might be interested in Canadian poetry but are unsure about where to start."—The Globe and Mail

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Best Canadian Poetry Special Sale

Seven previous editions (2009-2014) of Best Canadian Poetry are currently on special sale at the Tightrope Books site.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy National Poetry Month! Check out The League of Canadian Poets site for Poetry Month information.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy World Poetry Day

It's World Poetry Day and we salute the creative efforts of Canadian poets and poets from around the globe who make the world a better place to live in!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Molly Peacock on BCP 2008 Editor Stephanie Bolster

Happy New Year! As part of of Brick Books' Celebration of Canadian Poetry, Best Canadian Poetry Series Editor Molly Peacock has written a special guest post on Governor-General's Award-winning poet, Stephanie Bolster. Bolster guest edited The Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2008, the inaugural edition of the series. Read Molly's post here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A salute to the Best Canadian Poetry 2015 longlist

Every edition of Best Canadian Poetry includes a long list of poems that did not make it into the anthology but that are stellar examples of the fine poetry published in Canadian wonderful literary journals and magazines during the previous year. Below are the 50 notable poems listed The Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2015.


Jonathan Ball                     “Franklin Carmichael“ Prairie Fire 35.1
John Barton                        “Maritime Icarus, June 28, 1838" Numero Cinq December 29, 2014
Courtney Bates-Hardy        “Two Poems: Witch 1& Witch 2“ Room 37.3
Barbara Baydala:                “When did their love die?“ CV2 Fall 2014
Lara Bozabalian                  “English Channel“ The New Quarterly 131
Stephanie Bolster               “Sarcophagus (1986)“ Arc/Cordite (Dual Issue 2014)
Tim Bowling                        “High Water“ Arc 73
William Buchan                  “The Long Shot“ Queen’s Quarterly Fall 2014
Mark Callanan                    “Gawain and the Green Knight“ New Poetry October 22, 2014
Claire Cameron                  “Blake Squirrels Make a Very Nice Pudding“ Brick 93
Jan Conn                            “Glittering Vertical Line“ CV2 Fall 2014
Jaime Forsythe                   "Constitutional“ The Rusty Toque 7
Laurie D. Graham               “Battleford Gravesite“ The Puritan Fall 2014
David Groulx                       “Hobbesian Notions“ One Throne 3
Louise Halfe                        “Mechanic“ Arc 73
Phil Hall                               “Vancouver“ Rampike 22.2
Liz Howard                          “Tender Pathos: A Denser, Blue Vapour“ The Capilano Review 3.23
Basma Kavanagh                “Coda“ cbc.ca (2014 CBC Prize shortlist) September 9, 2014
Leigh Kotsilidis                    “For Christ's Sake “ Hazlitt May 21, 2014
Evelyn Lau                          “Blue Dresses“ Vallum 11.2
Sylvia Legris                        “Sing Scarlatina “ CV2 Spring 2014
Alice Major                           “How to tell a Martian that my heart is on the left “ Prairie Fire 35.1
Domenica Martinello            “Contact Zones“ Lemon Hound November 14, 2014
Christine McNair                   “Making Milk“ B After C 7.2
Robert Melançon                  “Elegy Written in Notre-Dame-de-Grace Park“ The Malahat Review 188
Jay MillAr                              “The Trees Meanwhile“ (parenthetical) 4
Roger Nash                           “Heron“ The Fiddlehead Autumn 2014
Patrick O'Reilly                      “Shelter“ Numero Cinq May 2014
Sarah Pinder                         “August“ The Puritan 25
Michael Prior                         “Canadian in Paris“ Geist 92
Shazia Hafiz Ramji                “Prepositional“ ditch January 5, 2014
Michael Eden Reynolds        “Today I saw a beautiful stock market“ The Fiddlehead 258
Stuart Ross                            “Beans“ Event 43.2
Talya Rubin                            “After the Solan Geese“ Hazlitt October 14, 2014
Jamie Sharpe                         “The Middle Path“ The Impressment Gang 1.1
Suzannah Showler                 “Good Thing“ Hazlitt February 3, 2014
Carmine Starnino                   “Snow Mold“ Hazlitt April 21, 2014
Josh Sternberg                       “the handover“ CV2 Summer 2014
Jennifer Still                            “Coma“ Prairie Fire 35.1
Matthew Tierney                      “In the Key of Ursa Minor“ Hazlitt October 20, 2014           
Peter Unwin                             "Standing in Front of Antlers Mounted on a Wall so They Look Like They're Growing from Your Head“ Arc/Cordite (Dual Issue 2014)      
Christine Walde                         “(Rock Lake, Canada)“ The Malahat Review 186
Phoebe Wang                           “Rites of Passage“ Maisonneuve Summer 2014
Stephanie Warner                     “Night Train to Berlin“ Descant 166
 Sébastien Wen                         “Nova“ Existere 34.1
Margo Wheaton                        “Something You Already Knew About Rain“ Antigonish Review Summer 2014
Deanna Young                          “Crossing the Fiel “ Ottawater 10
Patricia Young                           “Robert Redford, Grocery Store, Main Street, USA“ Prairie Fire 35.3
Jennifer Zilm                             “Therapy“ CV2 Summer 2014

Monday, November 2, 2015

BCP 2015 Launch - A Success!

The launch of The Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2015 at Toronto's International Festival of Authors on October 30 was a smashing success. Many thanks to IFOA for hosting us and congratulations to series editor Molly Peacock, guest editor Jacob McArthur Mooney and the anthology controbutors who read at the event: Barry Dempster, Richard Greene, Stevie Howell, Amanda Jernigan, Jeff Latosik, A.F. Moritz, Shane Neilson, Hoa Nguyen, Alexandra Oliver, Karen Solie, and Priscila Uppal.

Visit Tightrope Books' Tumblr site for photos of the post-reading reception.